The Race of Feats

The Race of Feats

The Race

Today is the big day and the central square is full of people, both spectators and contestants. With a couple of mins left before 9 bells, the race registrar takes his seat behind the table. As the last of the nine bells rings, he stands and calls for all racers to approach the table to register. The citizen’s of Sandpoint watch from all around the square, excited to see their friends and family participate in the Race of Feats, and excited to see the strangers that have come to town for the festival.

  1. The sailor; a half-elf crew member from one of the boats in the harbor.
  2. The guard; a female dwarf guard travelling from a far away kingdom.
  3. The brother; a gnomeish traveller accompanying his brother.
  4. The tailor; a gnomeish traveller with an unusual hat.
  5. The orphan; a dwarf dressed as an elven druid.
  6. The secret adventurer; a halfling out on an errand, but looking for more.
  7. The beautiful elf; a well dressed sophisticated elf.



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