Banard Box of Seaglass

A Gnome Cleric who travels with his brother and a group of adventurers, aiding them with his Clerical abilities.


AC: 17
AC (touch): 13
AC (flat-foot): 16

1. Gnomish Morning Star (1d8)
2. Gnomish Crossbow (1d8)
3. Gnomish Throwing Axe (1d4)

1. Chain shirt (light)
2. Gnomish Buckler

1. Expanded Resistance


Banard leaves his hometown, Seaglass, with his brother Brindael, to become an adventurer for no other reason than to see the world and experience new and exciting events before he dies.
Banard not only took up the class of the Cleric, but he loves tailoring and is quite skilled in the matter. Banard makes his own hats on a daily bases. He nags his brother daily about getting that enchantment working to make his hats a little more then just stylish.
Banard speaks fluently in Goblin, Gnomish, Common and Dwarven. His favored weapon is the Gnomish Morning Star, which he carries on him at all times. Along with his spiked ball of death, he carries a Gnomish Buckler to protect his short, charismatic body. His bright blue sideburns stick out just a foot from his face but hardly distract people from his religious cross tattoo on his face.

Banard Box of Seaglass

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