The Race of Feats

Banard Slays the Beast

Yet I didn't get the dagger...

…Walking in the room right behind the Paladin, Banard sees her; A girl wearing a black gown, dark as night, with wings extending out of the back. He sees her poor the blood dripping from her palm into the pool on the other side of the room. But this was obviously no ordinary pool, the black, thick boiling pool of… of who knows what! As these thoughts scramble through Banard’s mind, he sees hands stick out of the pool… and out crawl four pale creatures of Hell, literally.
Minutes later, finally sticking the last Sin-Spawn in the face, the adventures go wide-eyed as the 22’ venomous spider crawls down the side of the stairs to rid us of our lives. While the party is distracted, Banard sees something out the corner of his eye. Banard sees her, the winged woman in the sky casting spells down on us to help the spider in it’s quest of destruction! Banard takes it upon himself to rid the world of this winged thing and protect his friends, even if he’s ‘just the party healer’. He feels the lightning pulsing through his veins and his spiritual connection vibrating with energy from within, Banard lets out a raging arrow of electricity from his fingertips. The shock arrow explodes in the face of the flying women, then a grin appears on her face as she gracefully flings her dagger, aiming right at Banard. The dagger cuts through the air and hits it’s mark in Banard’s shoulder. The dagger vanishes from as he goes to take it out. Banard takes a deep breath and lets out 3 more explosive arrows of pure lightning nailing the beast every time.
Finally, 5 shoulder wounds later, all gushing blood, Banard starts to feel the pain. He releases his last bolt of lightning and collapses on the cold stone floor. He sits watching, as the bolt cuts through both wings, allowing the woman to plummet 25’ down and land with a bone breaking crunch. “That kill was mine…” Banard states pridefully. “So is that dagger.”
(That day ended extremely soul crushing as he rolled poorly and lost the magic dagger to the Halfling. Dang it, Halfling.)



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