The Race of Feats

Grawd begins

Grawd begins his adventure to find himself

Grawd walked beside his companion through the Tick forest still wondering where the name came from. The forest was mature and full of life, although there seemed aura of hesitancy. Just a pause of the Robin before moving to ground. Just a bit quick scuttle to a tree by the squirrels. This was confirmed by the misgivings Grawd received through their bond.

Bastone was a young bear that was orphaned and brought up by Thurgin. Being orphans was one thing they had in common. But their bond went even deeper through Grawd choice to follow the ways of the Druid and bond with Bastone. They were family.

The smells of town were growing stronger. Grawd bid Bastone to stay close and alert. Bears, even cubs, can unsettle a small town like Sandpoint.

Grawd crested the last rise in the woods and strode through the main town gate. Grawd noted that while walled and minimally manned the town was obviously lacking any concept of imminent threat. Grawd reminded himself to confirm that assumption before letting his guard down. Until then his staff and axe shall stay close and ready.

The town was in state of almost riotous celebration. The Festival of Feats was a tradition and source of acclaim for the town. Many heroes of the past have started their public path to fame at the Festival of Feats.

The Festival of Feats is a test of all aspects of an individual’s raw abilities. Strength, intelligence, wisdom and more. Winning and losing is always revealing of where you are blessed with advantages and where you will have to deal with weaknesses. This was what drew Thurgin to the festival. To begin to find out who he is.



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